Dear Friends,

Galatians 4:4

“In the fullness of time, God sent forth his Son”

The concept of time is relevant to humans only. It refers to history in all its forms – past, present and the future. The apostle, in referring to “the fullness of time” is certainly pointing us to the past events, where the God of history is intervening in history to fulfill all promises that were stated in the Old Testament. (Heb. 2:3) With the angels appearing in Bethlehem bringing tidings of peace, the long wait was over. The Messiah was here, to which Simeon declared “mine eyes have seen your salvation”. In experiencing this freedom from bondage, Paul declares as mature children, they now are partakers with full rights to the promised inheritance. (Gal. 4:1-7)

The fullness of time urges us to consider the blessings of the Saviour in the present that are encompassed in the act of redemption. These blessings are not limited to material blessings but to the unlimited spiritual grace that each believer realizes in his earthly journey. It is the gift of the Spirit that indwells the believer to be as He is. Each spiritual and earthly milestone is an act of grace of God being enacted in the fullness of time. As believers all events are God-timed and not fate dependent.

The fullness of time also points to the future. The promises that are in Christ will be fulfilled in His second coming. The time and event no one knows. (2 Peter 3:8) But as visitors in the manger who bowed to the King, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that “Jesus Christ is Lord” (Rom. 14:11; Phil.2:10-11) until then, let us continue to witness and wait patiently with confident hope.

May you have a Blessed Christmas and a happy New Year.


Five new students joined us this year in July. They are gearing up for semester finals now. After that they will be involved in training on the field during the December/ January holidays as they go visiting homes, market places and churches. Please pray as we plan to send two teams to two people groups. Our estimated expense is Rs. 10,000 per team.

In the month of August, Bro. BalBahadur from Leader Source taught our students and evangelists biblical concepts of leadership. They were able to follow leadership tools explained by Malcolm Webber.

Bro. Vishwas Padole of ATA, India visited us for a pre-evaluation visit. He was able to highlight the requirements for an ATA accreditation. Currently, our faculty and staff members are working on the details. We soon hope to be one of the few Hindi accredited schools of ATA.

In the month of September, we had Rev. Gladwin Jaykar and Bro. Arpan Bakchi from BTCP (Bible Training Course for Pastors). They were involved in teaching our evangelists and Pastors. The curriculum has been helpful in reinforcing fundamental truths and practices of the Christian faith.


Children are an important part of the GBCJ ministry. However, the needs of the children are exceedingly great. We are thankful to our Lord for partners like Compassion East India who are supporting 200 children at our Baniakunder Child Development Centre.

Our children are growing both physically and spiritually. We are also experiencing spiritual awakening among the parents of our children. Some are now members of our local church. But we still are in need for regular donors for each of our 75 children who are situated in Jamshedpur and Don (interior Bihar). Children from these centres are also growing. Some come from very needy backgrounds. They come to the centre because their need for food, education and in most cases genuine love and care is met.

However, there are many needs that are still unmet. Currently we need to provide them with shoes and socks. Some of our children do not have their parents with them, and so are unable to have their basic needs met. I urge you to consider supporting one child this Christmas. I trust it will certainly go a long way in building the child’s future.


We praise God for the fruitful ministry of our churches through VBS. This year we had VBS in six of our churches in Bihar, Jharkhand and Bengal . We reached out to more than 300 children. This year the theme chosen was “Servant Leadership”. Children learnt about leadership from the lives of Bible characters. Our Evening sessions were filled with various events ranging from indoor and outdoor competitions to presentation of skits, plays etc. Our local church friends and leaders have appreciated the effort to reach out to children. Some of the children courageously testified of their faith in Christ.


  • In the month of November, Rev. Sunder’s mother-in-law was promoted to glory. Please pray for them as they grieve her loss.
  • Mrs. Hiramani Das (Thomas’ wife) is presently suffering from thyroid deficiencies. She is under medication.
  • Raghu Soren’s children fall ill frequently. They succumb to severe cough and cold, due to which have to be hospitalized.

We sincerely covet your prayers for our staff members.


  • Student Outreach: Christmas holidays for our students, is ministry time. They will be visiting our churches and putting into practice their acquired skills of evangelism.
  • Staff Meeting: In the month of January, our workers will be meeting to plan for the year 2015. Please pray as we sketch out the various programmes for the year.
  • Women’s Conference: We will be organizing a Women’s conference for our church members. This will be our first attempt at a Women’s conference. Much prayer is needed as we decide on the speakers and the topic etc.
  • Youth Conference: We are looking forward to a blessed time of fellowship and learning with our young people. Please pray for the teams involved.


My father, Cyril Peters, continues to be strong. He has had a full load last semester with added responsibilities of translation and raising local support. We are indebted to him for his services to the Lord. Lord willing, he will visit the Mudliars in January. If you wish to contact him then, you may do so at 817-914-3570. Please pray for a safe trip.

My wife, daughter and I continue to enjoy God’s grace. Sonali remains busy with the little ones at school and at the centre. Presently she is preparing them for a Christmas programme. Janet is busy with her school load. She is picking up on her volleyball skills as well. As for me, I am enjoying reading about off-roading !

We are thankful for your prayers and frequent emails.
Cecil Peters
Principal of Grace Bible College Jamshedpur
+ 91 657 2361655, + 91 9934137510


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  • Support a Child: Mould a child’s future holistically @ Rs. 1000 per month.
  • Build a Church: Support towards building a church @ Rs. 6000 per family.
  • Support a Staff: We need support for College Administrative staffs and field workers @ Rs. 1500 per month.